Vilnius Tech Leads – The One with Equity

  • Laikas 12:14
  • Vieta Vinted HQ

The theme for the fourth meetup of the fifth season: equity.

Equity compensation is granting partial ownership in a company to an employee. In its perfect form, equity compensation aligns the interests of individual employees with the goals of the company. There are quite a few ways it can be done. Does it actually work? What’s the best way? It’s a high-stakes decision for both the company creating an equity policy and an employee figuring whether to accept an offer including equity. Let’s get smarter on this critical compensation topic. Here’s who are going to tell their stories and share their experience:

James Janis Berdigans (CEO @ Printify)
Simonas Jončys (Interactive Developer)

You’ll be able to attend the event in person and we’ll also stream it on youtube. See you there!

If you’d like to speak at this or a future Vilnius Tech Leads meetups, message one of the organizers or email mindaugas at vinted dot com.


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