Vilnius Tech Leads – The One with Build vs. Buy

  • Laikas 11:42
  • Vieta Vinted HQ

The theme for the first meetup of the fifth season: build vs. buy.

The software development quandary of whether to build versus buy is quite common. All of us have experienced it in one way or another. To build is to have the opportunity to create something specifically for the needs at hand. To buy is to get something today, instead of waiting for the right solution. Sometimes, this decision feels like a coin flip – with neither choice perfectly addressing the problem we’re trying to solve. How do we make these decisions? What’s important (timeline, budget, risks)? Here’s who are going to tell their stories and share their experience:

Audrius Bugas (VP of Technology @ HomeToGo)
Roman Bugaev (CTO @ Flo Health)
Lukas Diržys (Engineering Team Lead @ Vinted)

You’ll be able to attend the event in person and we’ll also stream it on youtube. See you there!

If you’d like to speak at this or a future Vilnius Tech Leads meetups, message one of the organizers or email mindaugas at vinted dot com.


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