Navigating Unconscious Bias as a Woman in Tech

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  • Vieta Kultūros Fabrikas

Everyone has bias because it is meant to help us preserve brainpower by making snap judgements without having to think about every little decision. Otherwise, we would easily become overwhelmed and exhausted.

And yet, gender bias is deeply rooted. If you perform a Google image search on terms such as “CEO” or “work in technology”, the majority of the results will feature men. You can argue it is indeed representative, because there are more men working in tech, and there are more male CEOs. However, we can also argue, that it is a chicken and egg problem. How do you become “the one” without a role model?

Our guest this time is Jen Gray – she went viral on LinkedIn. Her post about the challenge of being a woman in tech was seen by 1.5 million people, shared 200 times with 28,000 reactions and almost 900 comments.

Clearly, she struck a cord.

We at Rethink.Community are kicking off a series of interviews with real-life CMOs and marketing leaders so you can learn first-hand:

???? Their path to becoming a marketing leader
???? How and who they hire
???? Advise for modern marketers, and
???? How to be successful and impactful in your work guest: Jen Gray, VP of Product Marketing at Filevine
Jen has been scaling tech companies for the last 10 years building teams and programs at companies like Qualtrics, Adobe, and Weave. Currently, as VP of Product Marketing at Filevine, she is focused on customer and product experience. She is dedicated to building a more gender-equal world and fostering more empathetic and inclusive leadership in tech.


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