Impact Hackathon: Education

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  • Vieta Online

We invite you to join Impact Hackathon on May 27-29, 2021. This three-day virtual coding marathon focuses on the first vertical: Education. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges to learners and educators alike and this pandemic calls for developing innovative and impactful solutions to the current problems in the country.

What to expect?

⚡ Learning sessions

⚡ Valuable insights from experts, collaborators, and a range of industry leaders

⚡ Prizes worth $200,000 USD

⚡ Collaboration Opportunities

⚡ Incubation program

Impact Hackathon 2021 features a series of hackathons for seven verticals: education, climate change, good governance, food and agriculture, health, indigenous people, and smart cities.

Learn more about Impact Hackathon through this link.

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