Kaunastick Startups

  • Laikas 13:46
  • Vieta Kaunas

At Kaunastic Startups we are dedicated to helping startups of all kinds thrive and succeed. We do this by creating learning, networking, and collaboration spaces.
Kaunastic Startups Meetups is our signature event that started in March 2023. It now monthly gathers 100+ participants of the Kaunas startup community. In this fun-filled, energetic space we invite those who have a common interest in learning from and helping one another regardless of experience, background, job position, or skill set. Each event is held at a different venue across Kaunas and features a mix of live panel discussions, fireside chats, talks valuable to entrepreneurs, or live demos from Kaunas Startups, and is always followed by an after-party & networking.
This event is also a perfect place to start if you are new to startups or the Kaunas Startup Ecosystem.


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