Whether you are taking the first step or any other step towards tech education – we will help you! 👋 The programmes are designed according to current market trends for both beginners and advanced students.


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We feel the pulse of the entire IT market, so our students are relevant to today's job market, and the lecturers are not academics, but specialists who work in your future workplace. 😎

  • 500 000
    Developers shortage in Europe by 2022
  • 4454 €
    Average salary for programmers in the EU
  • 398
    Current students
  • Front-End
    The most popular programme

Karolis Antanas Svirskas

Lead Developer @VSBL

I started studying without having much knowledge about programming. CodeAcademy introduced and provided a basis for further analysis and self studying. Also, networking during the studies has lead to my first job. 

Ignas Grigaliūnas

UX/UI Designer @Reiz Tech

A big thank you to CodeAcademy for helping me build a solid foundation for starting a new career, after deciding to change my career path and go for UX/UI design. After UX/UI design beginners course, naturally I took UX/UI design advanced course, which opened the door to a new career. The lectures were very interesting, encouraged me to be interested more deeply, and the final project was the application of the acquired knowledge. I am very satisfied with my decision to choose CodeAcademy and thank you to the lecturer for interesting lessons and for giving me a solid start to my career.

Julija Miniotaitė

Organizational Development Manager @Alisa Management Laboratory

As a project manager I wanted to understand what my subordinates do. Humanly speaking – lead by example. I want to be an authority to subordinates in terms of skill and knowledge, as well as to contribute to the improvement of processes and the development of ideas. Thank you CodeAcademy for the extended horizons and knowledge provided!

Greta Fedaravičiūtė

Lead Designer @Surfshark

CodeAcademy School of Programming is a place where students’ curiosity and the knowledge accumulated by professionals meet. Here I met a teacher who became both a teacher and a mentor, a friend, and an inspiration to overcome all the hurdles associated with retraining. These courses have changed my career and opened the door to a whole new world of IT. 

Karina Garifovaitė

From a dance coach to a Front-end programmer

I came to CodeAcademy guided by great curiosity and desire to “break the standards”. People often said to me that programming is a more masculine field and this was one of the main reasons that was stopping me. Now i can wish future students not to wait, come and test your strength. With the right motivational baggage, lecturer help and support – CodeAcademy is a great place to take the first steps in the world of programming.

Mantas Sviklas

RPA DevOps Engineer @Telia

I chose CodeAcademy because it had clear communication about the choices and possibilities of the course directions. Thank you to the lecturers who were patient, always answered the questions and informed that each problem can be solved in several ways.

Dalius Pamedytis

Front-End Developer @Hostinger

During CodeAcademy front-end courses I have met great lecturers and colleagues, who helped me to get started in IT and provided a great foundation for embarking on a journey into the world of programmers.

Ieva Kaleginienė

Front-End Developer @Kilo Health

What did I learn from CodeAcademy? “Only the sky’s the limit”! I realized that with high motivation and the help of professional lecturers it is possible to get rid of various programming stereotypes, load full luggage and step on a firm foot into the IT world. The hardest part is taking the first step, but when, if not now? 

Asta Ruzaitė

Software Tester @Insoft

In CodeAcademy I learned more than I expected. I managed to find a job as soon as I started studying, just after a few lessons. Thank you to the whole CodeAcademy team for amazing courses. Thank you very much to the lecturer for shared knowledge, ongoing support and inspiration to never stop improving. Recommend!

Lukas Martynas Janošek

UX/UI Designer @NordVPN

For CodeAcademy Front-End courses I came already working as UX/UI designer. I felt the need for more technical knowledge and today I can say it was a great decision that brought major qualitative changes in my career. The lecturer and the programme were excellent. Recommend.

Currently in the market

The better you understand the market, the easier it will be to choose which technology to tie with your future.

The most popular programming languages in Europe

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python

Career path of a programmer

A programmer’s career is divided into 3 stages of knowledge and experience 🏅
Below you can see how long these stages will take on average.👇

Junior 2 y.
Mid-Level 4 y.
Senior 8 y.
Years of experience

Salary expectations

Probably one of the main aspects why you want to choose a career as a programmer is the salary. 💰 This fee calculator will give you an estimated average salary for different technologies and help manage excessive expectations. 💸







Choose the best payment type

We offer so many different payment options and benefits that we've created a spreadsheet to help you measure the prices for yourself 💸

CodeAcademy Financing

  • From 50 €/month

Courses financed by the Lithuanian Employment Service

  • Funded by the Lithuanian Employment Service and European Union funds 
  • It is necessary to meet the requirements of the Employment Service

Pay after being employed successfully!

  • Monthly fee – 10% of Net income, with the possibility to have payment holidays for up to 5 months.


The schedule of the courses is fixed, all lessons are conducted live, by professional CodeAcademy teachers, to whom you can ask questions during the lectures, check homework, get advice on future projects.

We use one of the most advanced and flexible pedagogical programs for research in the virtual space – Microsoft Teams. Along with Microsoft Teams, you will have free access to the Microsoft Office suite for one year.

Connections to the Study Environment are sent to students 5-3 working days before the start of the classes to the e-mail address specified in the agreement. mail.

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