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CodeAcademy for Business

  • 3000
    New students in the academy in 2023
  • 112
    Companies qualified by CodeAcademy 
  • 80%
    Employed after graduating Advanced studies

Darius Duzinskas

Chief People Officer @Baltic Amadeus

We are happy and proud to be friends and partners with CodeAcademy, because together we can create the future of Lithuanian IT by growing and nurturing young IT talents. We believe that our joint work will continue and we wish the entire CodeAcademy great achievements and good luck! Keep rocking. 

Živilė Brazė

Head of Brand Communications @Nord Security

Information technology is one of the fastest growing areas that requires more and more experienced professionals for further development. Thanks to the CodeAcademy, we meet more and more IT professionals in the market, who contribute to the further development of the IT sector.

Paula Žilinskaitė

Kilo Academy Manager @Kilo Health

The team of Kilo Health’s IT department have been filled with promising employees, some of whom are also advanced level students of CodeAcademy. We hope that in the future we will successfully cooperate both in the aspect of talent cultivation in Lithuania and during various projects.

Eglė Aleksandravičiūtė

Talent Acquisition Specialist @Agmis

Thanks to CodeAcademy, excellent, energetic professionals ready to change the world have joined the Agmis team. Cooperation with CodeAcademy is always smooth and warm – we hope that we will continue to work together successfully!

Dovilė Bimbirytė

Head of HR @Oxylabs

We are proud to be one of the leaders in public data collection solutions in the world, but like many IT companies in Lithuania, we face the challenge of finding competent, ambitious and suitable talents for our organization. We are very happy with our friendship with CodeAcademy and are grateful to them for their chosen mission of training excellent specialists who later help Lithuanian businesses to raise the quality of services on a global scale.

Vitalija Kolisova

Communication Manager @ Lithuania Center of Innocations

The first and so far the only UX challenge hackathon in Lithuania would not have taken place without the help of CodeAcademy. CodeAcademy has helped discover the most promising UX talents, the most professional mentors and carriers, and remotely solve the UX challenges posed by companies. The results of the initiative exceeded expectations. 

Vaida Kubickaitė

Data Extraction Team Lead @Infare

It’s great that CodeAcademy is growing a community of forward-thinking, brave, challenge-loving people. People who dare to retrain not only bring new ideas, solutions and a different approach to work, but also have a desire to learn new things. Thanks to CodeAcademy, a very eager and motivated beginner joined the team, who exceeded our expectations. We hope that more similar employees will join our team after the CodeAcademy training.

Preparing students for an IT career

At the Academy, we develop soft skills in addition to technical programming skills to help companies discover well-rounded talents. 🧩

Topical programmes

meeting the needs of employers

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Project activities

2018-2020m. We participated in the international Digital Explorers project as an education provider, the goal of which is to build digital bridges between Lithuania and Nigeria. The project offered a one-year career path during which 50 young Nigerian talents improved their programming knowledge in Lithuanian ICT companies.

In two years of operation, IT competencies were provided to more than 1,000 mothers in seven EU countries. The aim of the project is to update the job qualification skills of women on maternity or parental leave, as well as to provide them with the necessary digital competences or to help them prepare for starting their own business.  

We are contributing to an inspiring project! The national LGBT organization LGL organizes IT courses that help young people under the age of 29 who are not studying and cannot find work for a long time to find employment in the IT sector.  

We organized an international “UX challenge” hackathon based on a design sprint, in which young professionals in their field gathered in teams to solve the challenges posed by companies. Within a two-day period, students managed to create interactive prototypes, test them with real users and present them to the commission, which selected the winners.  

In order to draw attention to the need for faster digital challenge in the country’s regions, the Lithuanian Business Confederation together with the programming academy CodeAcademy and the international management consulting company CIVITTA also conducts digital marketing training for small business employees in Šiauliai, Telšiai, Panevėžys, Utena, Marijampolė and Alytus districts. During the project, 226 professionals of sales, marketing and public relations will have the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and apply them to increase the competitiveness of companies.

The “Kompetencija 2” project, together with “Aciety”, aims to develop the competencies of employees in companies operating in the IT sector in their field of activity. “Aciety” is a fast-growing search engine and partner network for IT companies providing services and IT products, uniting more than 900 European IT companies employing over 65,000 programmers.  

We have been successfully working with the Lithuanian Employment Service since 2017, during which time we taught more than 1,000 people. Individuals whose training has been funded by the ES can choose between informal and formal vocational programs, as well as working on the principle of apprenticeship, when we find an employer for the student before the training.  

“Investuok Lietuvoje” project is currently being implemented to promote the growth of technological science professionals in Lithuania, during which we are training people working in the non-ICT sector and retraining them as programmers. We are also actively communicating with business during the project and raising the qualifications of existing programmers. 

In 2018, we participated in the European Union project “MakesMeDigital”, organized together with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain), with the aim of training digital marketing specialists.  

We raise the qualification of your employees

  • Java programming for beginners and advanced
  • Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Developing ASP .NET MVC Web Applications
  • Development of mobile applications in Android environment 
  • Product testing (manual, smoke, e2e testing)
  • Front-End Advanced
  • Front-End + WordPress
  • SQL databases
  • API 
  • Frames: React, Spring, Laravel, VUE.JS

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