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We are young, modern, and full of determination to innovate the education sector every day!  💪 We follow a simple principle – “get it done” and it does not matter whether you work in an office or thousands of kilometers away. 🌴


Andrius Busilas

Senior UX/UI Designer @Danske Bank & Lecturer @CodeAcademy

Teaching at CodeAcademy is a great life challenge that encourages improvement, constant interest, and following trends. But an even more interesting part of lecturing at CodeAcademy is how to present the accumulated knowledge to students who become not only friends but also future colleagues.

Sarunas Dignaitis

COO @CodeAcademy

I am glad that every CodeAcademy employee has the opportunity to join the courses we organize – I have personally managed to complete SEO and Web Design courses and I encourage everyone, especially new colleagues to join as well.

Adele Janulionyte

Marketing Manager @CodeAcademy

I have been working on and off with the CodeAcademy marketing team for almost five years and I am very satisfied with the flexibility of work, individual working hours and freedom of choice – I have been working on the Portuguese coast since September.

Aiste Zuperkaite

PHP Lecturer @ CodeAcademy

To teach at CodeAcademy is to meet a lot of amazing people. When it comes to students in a group, it’s especially fun when you stay friends and keep in touch. As well as when you contribute to the future of people who are changing professions, it motivates you to constantly improve yourself.

Ernestas Rutkauskas

Front-end developer @MediaEarn & Lecturer @CodeAcademy

I started collaborating with CodeAcademy almost three years ago to share my programming knowledge with others. It may seem that sharing the accumulated knowledge with others doesn’t let you improve, but this is certainly not true. The lecturer’s activity provided an opportunity to improve not only in the field of education, but also in the field of programming: to update and deepen both technical and soft skills.   

Petras Slekys

Tech Lead @IBM & Lecturer @CodeAcademy

I have been teaching at CodeAcademy for three years now – the greatest motivation is caused by the students who have completed the courses, who are grateful for the opportunity to radically change their lives.