Recruitment services

We are the leading partner of EDUTECH in Lithuania, helping businesses to find not only junior programmers who have graduated from our academy, but also to hire experienced and IT specialists. 🤝

  • 8500
    Mid/Senior level specialists in our database are ready to work under an employment contract
  • 200
    Freelancers in our database available for immediate hire

Selection process

  • 1.
    Initial meeting with hiring manager for requirements and profile validation.
  • 2.
    Active candidate search: databases, LinkedIn, GitHub and direct calls.
  • 3.
    Within three weeks, we present 2-3 candidates, depending on the complexity of the clarified requirements.
  • 4.
    If after talking to up to three candidates we don't make an offer to any of them, we have an adjustments call with the hiring manager in which we present candidates problems and suggest additional applicants.

Why we should work together?

Canditdates are our long-time teachers

We are confident not only in their knowledge, but also in their personal skills

Technical knowledge test

We not only recruit but also test technical knowledge

We live and breathe IT

We understand coders better than anyone else

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