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Front-end serverless with Artificial Intelligence (223003050)

560 hours

The front-end programmer uses HTML, CSS, and TypeScript to create a user-friendly interface. Therefore, his work is not only technical but also creative and, of course, closely related to web design. Thanks to front-end programming, everything a user can see on a page is the structure of the site, visual and dynamic solutions. A front-end programmer is a real necessity for anyone who wants to tell about their business or other activities and make connections using an attractive and dynamic website.

  • 1928€
    The average salary of a front-end programmer in Lithuania
  • 96%
    Front-end programmers in Lithuania are satisfied with their work
  • 87%
    Students successfully complete the Front-end course

Employment opportunities


14 weeks
  • 1 months
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 4 months
  • 5 months
  • 6 months

HTML ir CSS 120 hours

    • Foundations of HTML – structure of HTML elements, attributes, types of HTML elements.
  •  Elements of page structure – HTML elements and structure for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • CSS styles – selectors, classes, CSS priorities.
  • Main CSS properties – box model properties, typography, position, flex, grid.
  • Responsive design methodology – media queries, design adaptation for all screen sizes.
  • Bootstrap CSS framework – style components, reusable class methodology, Bootstrap responsive design system.
  • Individual work practice and consultations.

The fundamentals of the JavaScript 200 hours

    • Variables – declaration types, variable addressing types, variable behavior when copying.
  • Operators – unary and binary operators, arithmetic operators, logical operators.
  • Loops – principles of loop execution, types of loops, iterator, exit condition and iteration.
  • Functions – function declaration, function calls, arguments and parameters, return types.
  • Array methods – data manipulation methods, search methods.
  • Fundamentals of algorithms – commonly used algorithms and their components.
  • Array iterative methods – forEach, map, filter, reduce.
  • Destructuring – object destructuring, array destructuring, complex destructuring, and destructuring of function parameters.
  • Arrow functions – differences between arrow functions and regular functions, concise arrow function syntax.
  • Fundamentals of algorithms – method chaining, passing functions as arguments, function invocation hierarchy.
  • Basics of object-oriented programming – classes, composition, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Fundamentals of algorithms – establishing relationships between class objects, distribution of logical responsibilities to separate entities.
  • Using JavaScript in the browser – HTML element hierarchy model, event listeners, content creation and manipulation.
  • Asynchronous programming – dividing programming tasks into separate branches of processes while awaiting a response, data retrieval.

GIT version control 40 hours

    • GIT command line basics – repository creation, configuration, essential commands.
  •  Methodology for performing programming tasks and publishing.
  • Task distribution methodology – merging project versions (GIT branches).
  • Methodology for merging programming work, working in teams.
  • Project management – Methodologies for task creation, project breakdown into separate tasks, using Project Management tools.
  • Team collaboration – Task allocation and project development work using GIT.

React 200 hours

    • Component structuring – Inclusion of components, reuse, and wrapper components.
  • Component state and properties – Reusing components by passing different properties, creating and changing states.
  • Component styling – Utilizing styled libraries to style components.
  • Component library – Installing external component libraries and configuring themes.
  • Global state management technologies – Storing and manipulating global state using React.context and Redux.
  • Application of validation libraries – Applying global validation libraries to input data.
  • Application authentication – Using an external authentication server to create an application with different roles.
  • Utilization of application storage – Retrieving, editing, deleting, and storing data using an external server.

Solf skills 16 val.

CV, LinkedIn, job interview workshops, individual activities and fees, IT specialist competencies.

AI basics 8 val.

  • Information search with AI
  • Answers generation with AI
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Our team of lecturers is a mixture of different IT specialists. Some, like superheroes 🦸, take Top positions in their companies during the day and respond to student calls in the evenings, while others work as freelancers, juggling between clients and students on a daily basis. But they are all 100% ready with the knowledge and experience to help you!🧑‍🎓


Andrius Kasovskis

Freelance Front-end Web Developer

Course calendar


March 25 - July 3


8 hours per day


560 hours


3300€. UZT Financed.


Payment options

We offer so many different payout options and benefits that we have created a fee calculator for you to calculate your abilities yourself - just like in a bank. 💸

CodeAcademy Financing

  • Pay by installments – 50 €/month

100% UZT funding

  • Funding from the Employment Service allows retraining for those working and acquiring new competencies for those not working! 🚀
  • Extracurricular scholarships can be awarded to studying students.

Pay when you get employed!

  • Monthly fee – 10% of Net income, with the possibility of a payment holiday of up to 5 months.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend using your personal computer, as some tasks have to be done at home and it is easier to work with equipment you are already used to. For those who do not have this opportunity, CodeAcademy provides a desktop computer for the training period. The most common practice is that students use their personal computers in lectures and additionally connect a monitor in the classroom.  

All software and licenses required for training are provided to the students of the Academy FREE OF CHARGE. 

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