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Cyber Security with Artificial Intelligence (223003029)

504 hours

Within the Cybersecurity program, students will learn the skills necessary to assist in the identification, assessment, reporting, and mitigation of technology and information security risks. The program will also provide students with the knowledge necessary to determine information system vulnerabilities and residual risks based on the analysis of technical artifacts, interviews, and evaluations of IT systems.

The course will also cover the leading approaches to managing cybersecurity, including ‘defense in depth’ and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. The Cybersecurity Bootcamp program includes instruction towards CompTIA Security+ and CySA+ certifications. Through labs with sandboxed virtual machines, the course provides hands-on training in CEH-inspired scenarios, defensive and offensive cybersecurity, networking, systems, web technologies, and databases. Assignments will span PC and server so ware, application, and code with a solid technical background in computer vulnerabilities, attack vectors, exploits, and mitigation controls.

To round out the program, students will conduct event and incident investigations to include computer intrusions, infections, and unauthorized access or usage and provide reports to management and recommend sound remediation and mitigation

  • 6660€
    Cybersecurity specialist salary in Lithuania
  • 3 mln.
    Global shortage of cybersecurity professionals
  • 351%
    Projected growth in cybersecurity work between 2021 and 2031

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Controls, Frameworks, Benchmarks, Virtual Machines, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Defenses, Secure So ware, Testing, Cryptography 20 hours

Controls, Frameworks, Benchmarks, Virtual Machines, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Defenses, Secure Software, Testing, Cryptography Diving right in with broad exposure to cybersecurity. This is an important opportunity to become comfortable with the list and dig into any areas that the student is not familiar with.

Skills/Tools/Technology: Controls, virtual machines, Windows or Mac, Linux, vulnerability assessment and remediation, penetration testing, packet sniffng, cryptography.

VM Setup
Windows Directions Mac Directions
Network Settings!
Scanning Networks Packet Sniffng

Attacks, Physical Security, Vulnerability Scanning, Risk Management, PKI, IAM, Password Cracking, Analysis Tools, SSL 20 hours

Attacks, Physical Security, Vulnerability Scanning, Risk Management, PKI, IAM, Password  Cracking, Analysis Tools, SSL. Continuing the broad exposure adding more major cybersecurity elements. Build out your Kali Linux machine while also learning about networking and data security.

Forms of a ack, physical security, Nessus, risk management, PKI, IAM, Kali Linux, Linux configuration, Password Cracking, Analysis Tools, SSL.

Nessus installation Password Cracking

Access Control, Account Management, Secure Network Design, Policies and Procedures, Firewalls 20 hours

Access Control, Account Management, Secure Network Design, Policies and Procedures, Firewalls Further pieces of the big picture, digging deeper in important places. Hands on administrative controls, designing and configuring.

Access Control, Account Management, Network Design, Firewall Configuration, Policies and Procedures.

Basic ACL
Firewall Configuration Kali Secure
Network Design

Malware, Intrusion Detection, Tools, Control Systems, Secure Shell, Mobile and Endpoint Security 20 hours

Malware, Intrusion Detection, Tools, Control Systems, Secure Shell, Mobile and Endpoint Security Surveying further and digging down. Viruses and Ransomware, intrusion detection, useful tools, introduction to embedded (control) systems, secure shell, mobile and endpoint security.

Malware, intrusion detection (snort), control systems, secure shell, mobile security, endpoint security

Snort Installation SSH
Endpoint Protection

Virtual Machines, Malicious Code, DR/BC, Powershell 20 hours

More Virtual Machines, Malicious Code, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Powershell. Exposure to more tools, threats, recovery and continuity.

Virtual Machines, malicious code, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Powershells

Malicious Code
Powershell Security

Incident Response, Forensics 20 hours

Learn Incident Response and Forensics Identifying and responding to incidents, technical and legal elements of forensics.

Incident response plans and practice, forensic evidence rules and techniques.

Configuring an Intrusion Detection
System Incident Response
Digital Forensics

Resiliency and Automation, Backups 20 hours

The Role of Resiliency and Automation, the Critical Importance of Backups, Learn how resiliency, automation, and backups provide essential and fundamental protection.

Use of redundancy including RAID and clustering, backups

Labs: Backup

Tabletop Exercises Make up and catch up Career Preparation 20 hours

Tabletop Exercises, Career Information Tabletop exercises are effective for learning, preparing, and solving problems before they happen.

Open mind, imagination, knowing company and legal policies.

Tabletop Exercise Career Preparation
Belt Exam Sec+

Roles and Responsibilities, Controls, IoC, Threat Analysis, Attack Frameworks, Network Protection, A ack Tools, Network Monitoring, Appliance Monitoring 20 hours

Roles and Responsibilities, Controls, Threat Assessments Understanding roles and responsibilities, security controls, indicators of compromise, understanding threats, attack tools, monitoring networks.

Understand roles and responsibilities, indicators of compromise, attack frameworks, threat analysis, attacker tools, network monitoring.

IoC Investigation
Network Group Assignmen

Soft skills 16 val.

CV, LinkedIn, job interview workshops, individual activities and fees, IT specialist competencies

AI basic 8 val.

  • Information search with AI
  • Answers generation with AI
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Our team of lecturers is a mixture of different IT specialists. Some, like superheroes 🦸, take Top positions in their companies during the day and respond to student calls in the evenings, while others work as freelancers, juggling between clients and students on a daily basis. But they are all 100% ready with the knowledge and experience to help you!🧑‍🎓

Justinas Misiunas

Festo Lietuva

Ernestas Mickus

Information Security Officer @Western Shipyard group

Course calendar


March 18 - October 24


18:00 - 22:00


504 hours


4617.93 €, UŽT Funded


Payment options

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  • Extracurricular scholarships can be awarded to studying students.

Pay when you get employed!

  • Monthly fee – 10% of Net income, with the possibility of a payment holiday of up to 5 months.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend using your personal computer, as some tasks have to be done at home and it is easier to work with equipment you are already used to. For those who do not have this opportunity, CodeAcademy provides a desktop computer for the training period. The most common practice is that students use their personal computers in lectures and additionally connect a monitor in the classroom.  

All software and licenses required for training are provided to the students of the Academy FREE OF CHARGE. 

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