Beginner course

Web Design (UX/UI) – Beginners

Web design (UX / UI) is a prerequisite for page life. It is the presentation of information in a visual way in order to achieve the best user experience and to maximize its convenience and benefits. The web designer must ensure not only an attractive image of the website, informativeness, but also convenience – to combine the provided information, images and navigation: in other words, feel the user needs. Eye-pleasing and user-friendly website web design is definitely part of a successful image. 

  • 1360€
    Average salary of a UX / UI designer in Lithuania
  • 83%
    UX / UI designers in Lithuania are satisfied with their job
  • 95%
    Students successfully complete a UX / UI course 95%

Employment opportunities


10 weeks
  • 1 tema
  • 2 tema
  • 3 tema
  • 4 tema
  • 5 tema
  • 6 tema
  • 7 tema
  • 8 tema
  • 9 tema

Software review

  • Concepts of design, UX and UI 
  • Technical conditions for web pages, device screen settings 
  • Types of websites 
  • Overview of the website development process

Adobe XD

  • An overview of alternatives, the benefits of XD 
  • Key features 
  • Specialized features for UI development 
  • Vector graphic design, Bezier curves 
  • Prototyping functionality 


  • Font classification, properties 
  • Text layout rules 
  • Font selection, adjustment, trends 

User Interface (UI)

  • Website structure, the most common page elements 
  • Grid 
  • Button anatomy 
  • Anatomy of input fields and shapes 

Artistic means of art

  • Basics of composition 
  • Color theory 
  • Contrast, rhythm, texture, etc. 

Adobe Photoshop

  • Standard functions, typography 
  • Layer Styles, Clipping Mask, Layer Mask, Blending Modes, Smart Object 
  • Crop items from photos 
  • Basics of photo retouching 

Improving the user experience (UX)

  • UX basics 
  • UX laws 
  • UX improvement methods and processes 
  • Mobile devices UX 

Introduction to programming

  • Website technical structure and operating principles: content management systems, databases, servers. 
  • Overview of programming languages 

Final project

  • Website idea formulation, structure planning, user analysis 
  • Sketching (Wireframe) 
  • Design development 
  • Adapting the developed design to a mobile device 

Course calendar


2 May - 8 July


18:00 – 22:00 EET


160 hours


Price from 689 € or from 75 € / month. by instalments


Payment options

We offer so many different payout options and benefits that we have created a fee calculator for you to calculate your abilities yourself - just like in a bank. 💸

CodeAcademy Financing

  • From 50 €/month

Courses financed by the Lithuanian Employment Service

  • Funded by the Lithuanian Employment Service and European Union funds 
  • It is necessary to meet the requirements of the Employment Service

Pay after being employed successfully!

  • Monthly fee – 10% of Net income, with the possibility to have payment holidays for up to 5 months.

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